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Website maintenance and security

Maintenance and security are very important aspects of every on-line project. Its essential to make sure that your business presentation is accessible to your visitors in every moment in top shape.

Our services

and performance overview

We can maintain your website always updated and free of any technical issues. Visitor and log analysis are essential for gaining knowledge about your website`s performance and visitors behaviour.

features and benefits

  • one-time or monthly maintenance plan
  • quick response support
  • performance and weak-points report

Website security
and stability

We build websites using hardened and secure components to ensure that your website stays always on-line. Regular backups and pro-active defence are good practice to be prepared for the most extreme cases.

features and benefits

  • secure hosting, platform and accounts
  • elimination of spam or unauthorised access
  • backup and pro-active defence

Hosting solutions
and domain management

We can help you to administer tasks on the server side to free you from technicalities. Memorable domain name hosted by reliable hosting provider are the cornerstones of long-lasting on-line presence.

features and benefits

  • choosing reliable hosting solution
  • hosting cost optimization
  • domain name search

Project migration
and recovery

Sometimes things can go wrong. In such situations we are here to move your website to different hosting, clean the infection or alteration and recover the website from backup when the worst happen.

features and benefits

  • moving your website to another host or domain
  • dealing with defacement or infection
  • website recovery from backup