Tips for your Facebook page

The importance which acquired social networks in the Internet’s evolution is evident.

Today, the presence on social networks are the main showcase for the online business, and also traditional brands. Virtual communities are the most direct means of interactive communication between the company and its potential audience, and Facebook, the leading social network is a great tool to enhance the traffic that comes to our business.

Tips for your Facebook page that will help you get more views:

Descriptive name for the page

The name is a fundamental aspect of the Facebook page, and should be the name of your company or brand, and you can add one or two keywords about what you do.

Create a custom URL

The first thing search engines like Google archive from a page is the URL, and the default names provided by Facebook are not the most friendly, even if permits customize in certain limits. To customize the profile page must be edited in the General Settings User Name, getting a friendly URL type. If you have a page, we can modify the information of the page, in Facebook Web address.

The URL should be descriptive, should not be long, hae to be related to the content, easy to remember and can include keywords, but it is very important not to use “facebook / Keyword” as this is penalized.

Optimize Facebook page

Complete information section

The information section of our Facebook page serves as meta description for search engines, so it is recommended to optimize this information, completing everything we can, and including keywords required.

  • Name: We use it to help strengthen the brand name (branding), and avoid putting keywords.
  • Category: It should be well chosen, as it determines the niche market to which we are heading.
  • Description short: Short description with keywords.
  • Description long: In this description we will place a link to our website.
  • Products: We may include products using keywords.
  • Website: Link your website.

Quality and updated content

Quality content and regular update of the page, always help to improve search engine positions. It is advisable to be concise in content, which must include the keywords, especially at the beginning of the post, as the first sentences are indexed by search engines.

Images and videos

The use of images and videos on each post is highly recommended because it is more attractive and encourages visitors to stay longer on the page; distribute the page, and have more interaction with fans.

Create application

Applications are becoming fundamental, increasingly demanded by users, complementing the page and keep users engaged.

Use the Hashtags

Like Twitter, Facebook also implements hashtags, which are excellent for posting content targeted to a community or on an issue.

Facebook SEO

Become a member of Facebook Groups and Pages

Of the thousands of groups that exist on Facebook, for sure there are many that can help your business. If you search them, you’ll find communities with potential customers. Participate in commenting, give valuable information from your page, company, services …

Add relevant friends

Befriend companies and professionals in your industry, building relationships to share information and grow together.

Interact with your users

Those companies that serve their customers through constant interaction, is closer to their customers and that is rewarded with more fans on Facebook.

Run a group in Facebook

Sometimes it can be very interesting to create a facebook group related to the interests of your page, and gather a group of potential customers that offer quality information.

Edgerank: The ranking of Facebook

Facebook has its own algorithm that determines the importance of pages, taking into account:

  • The interest of Facebook users in posts.
  • The time from the creation of the post to display.
  • The union of the fans with the niche of the page.

Reciprocal links

It is highly recommended intertwine the different accounts that we have in social networks, including Facebook, such as Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn …

Customize “Call to action” button

This new functionality of Facebook, since December 2014, stands as a button in the header, and showing the destination URL to activate, allows a choice between seven functions: Book , View video , Contact , Register , Use application , Buy or Play ..

Facebook Mobile

Power audiovisual content

Facebook is encouraging the use of audiovisual content uploaded directly to FB server. In your Videos tab, we highlight a video as principal and create playlists for your followers.

Create deals for your followers

If you have at least 50 followers, you can make special offers from your page. You’ll have to create a title and description, duration and time limit requests if necessary. You can include a web for the best deal, or refer to a physical location.

Let us to show you how powerful tool can Facebook be for atracting new audience for your website. Social networks are essential to kick-start your new website and maintain the visibility of your business across many platforms

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