What is SSL Certificate and do you really need it?

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is technology to encrypt data during travel from web server to browser of the visitor and viceversa.

Credit card numbers, login details, emails and personal information are some of the most common types of sensitive data that need to be protected by encryption (SSL certificate). Search engines, Browser developers and whole community have taken a lot of effort to reach the point when all websites should be secured with an SSL. This is important to prevent any 3rd party to see you data or part of your communicatin.

You can see if a website is protected by SSL certificate by checking website address, if it start with HTTP or HTTPS. HTTPS (HTTP Secure) means that you visited SSL protected website and all data you enter remain confidential.

How to check if a website is using SSL?

When you open browser and visit a website, there is small icon on the left of the website address. It shows you a lock icon and information about if connection is secure. Check this 2 examples.

Example of secured website when all communication is encrypted

Example of a website not securing its data

Why you need it for your website?

1. SSL Certificates Secure the communication

It’s very important to secure data that visitor submit to your web server as contact information, login details or credit card information. WIth SSL certificate its impossible for 3rd party to see such information

2. Website using SSL Certificate has huge SEO Benefits

Search engines gives a website with SSL certifica huge boost when calculating its ranking in search results. It’s one of the many SEO factors which can help your website attract more visitors and perform better.

3. Websites with SSL Certificates Earn Users’ Trust

When a visitor sees an SSL certificate on your website, they can have confidence that their data is encrypted and secure when it makes it’s way to your web server. This is very important for any e-commerce websites, especially when handling with sensitive information.

How do I add an SSL certificate to my website?

The easiest way to start is by checking your hosting provider, most of them have SSL certificates available to be deployed on your website. It often requires a server administrator to start the SSL provisioning process, or can be manually installed for your website. Once the SSL certificate is installed, your hosting provider should implement a redirect from your old HTTP addresses to new HTTPS version.

Your website developer will need to review any assets, including images, CSS and fonts that are loaded, to ensure all assets are loaded with secure URLs. Lastly, your new website adresses should be submitted again to different search engines so they update their indexes and recalculate your position in search results.

Your website isn’t secure or the process seems to be too complicated?

Contact us and we will help you to protect also your website by SSL certificate, so the Internet will become more secure place for all of its users.

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